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01-22-2019, 01:51 PM
Why the conflict between the young disciples of Jesus and the manipulative disciples of Saul Alinksy?

Truer words...

The Covington Kids Just Met Saul Alinsky’s Disciples

Nothing the institutional or professionally political-left does is organic. Everything is pre-planned, pre-scripted and pre-organized.

All major events, even those that seem oddly organic (George Stephanopoulos asking Romney about constitutionality of birth control ’12), are highly scripted – while various elements within allied media await the triggering moments.

Like a political iceberg, two-thirds of the activity is below the surface; only one-third is visible. If we focus on the surface events, and not on the constructs under the surface, its easy to get caught up in the latest shiny thing.

Professional leftists plan everything.

This is all they do; this is all they know to do. From birth to maturity, within the machine, every moment of the day is spent planning optimum utilization. Every event is sequential.

This is not to say there are no grassroots elements within leftist designs. However, grassroots leftists (former Bernie Sanders supporters) are so blindly connected to the indoctrination that creates them, they cannot see the machinery.

The campaign of Donald Trump awakened an entire generation of conservative republicans to the machinery on the right side of the UniParty...

A farce in sequence:

This was manufactured:


The manufacturing was/is also specifically purposeful.


Why the focus on religion with Second Lady, Karen Pence?

Why the focus on “Catholic” disparagement in the Covington fiasco?

Amy Coney Barrett