View Full Version : At least no 250,000 bond was required

Angry Old White Man
01-25-2019, 03:33 PM
Woke up to the continuation of the ongoing coup attempt and then I decided to go do some shopping to keep from listening to all this garbage. Driver side front tire is down and spare is also down. Luckily I had a large can of sealer inflate r and got the tire up safe enough to drive a quarter of a mile and air it up. I have a 3/4 ton truck so it has 16s and it takes a lot of that sealer to actually get the tire back up off the rim. My first action after the first is to buy an electric pump just to bring up my tires. Last year I bought the cheapest tires I could find locally and it still cost me 700 dollars so 30 or 40 bucks for a pump is small potatoes. Now I had one of the front take offs put to my spare rim and paid the guy 15 dollars to do that and two days later it was flat. The tire was just fine and had never ever been flat in the past 16 years it was on the truck. I was pretty disgusted and never took it back altho the guy would have fixed it. I figured with new tires the chances of me having a flat with the little driving I do was worth the risk. Since that time I have put as little as 5 dollars in my tank so that should tell you how much driving I do, but hey it's me so that tire had to find a way to go down. :biggrin-new: