View Full Version : Irish premier sorry for treaty 'no' vote,now just go ahead an ignore the vote....

06-21-2008, 12:26 AM
Brussels, Belgium -- Ireland's prime minister said Friday he regretted that Irish voters rejected the European Union's reform treaty, a result that has plunged the EU into political crisis. An EU survey released Friday found that the main reason the Irish voted ''no'' was that they did not understand the treaty. (Snip) The Irish premier, Brian Cowen, told reporters that he personally regretted the outcome because he had campaigned for a ''yes'' vote and would take responsibility - "and it is a heavy one" - for the result.

The EU spin is a typical socialist one: the Irish voted against they treaty because they are stupid.

Well I say they understand the treaty all too well and a premier who must apologize for what the majority of his people vote upon should take a hike to another job.
Well obviously if they did not understand the treaty then they can just go ahead an ignore the vote....