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    Stop the presses!!!!!!

    People who rut like pagan apes diseases!?!????!!!! :eek:

    Huda thunkit?
    Hey careful man! There's a beverage here!
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    Quote Originally Posted by biccat View Post
    You know, there's an easy, permanent solution to that:
    Ouch. That's not funny. :(

    Nah, we thought about that but not at this time. We probably want to have kids later. Probably in 5 years I'll get that done, when I turn 30.
    "Don't vote. It only encourages the bastards." -PJ O'Roarke
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrsSmith View Post
    Just I guess I must have missed all the liberal reaction to the fact that their sex ed and condom handouts seemingly don't work. :eek:

    This is an excellent point. While educrats relentlessly boost "comprehensive" sex ed, they fail to recognize that it has an abysmal failure rate in terms of disease, pregnancy, and emotional abuse. Christians are frequently ridiculed because they also have young idiots who get caught having thoughtless sex. The practical truth is that adolescents and young adults routinely engage is risky behavior when there is no perceived downside from a social point of view.

    Young people who delay or avert sexual activity in their teens or early adulthood do so because they perceive a big downside to disease, pregnancy, or emotional attachment at that stage of their lives. These are primarily middle class young people who have sharply defined educational and career goals and who also have a good deal of parental support and/or distinctive cultural or religious frameworks which encourage restraint.

    Thowing a handful of condoms at an MTV kid split between two households and three worldviews isn't going to solve the essential problem.
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