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Reminder about Impeachment regarding high crimes, misdemeanors.

Constitution was created September 1787.

It was adopted 21 June 1788.

First Congress met from 4 March 1789 til 4 March 1791.

There were no federal crimes on the books.

From a Harvard Law Review on the subject. "The majority view is that a president can legally be impeached for 'intentional, evil deeds' that 'drastically subvert the Constitution and involve an unforgivable abuse of the presidency'—even if those deeds didn't violate any criminal laws."

So Jack*ss Democrats ADMIT that President Trump has committed no crimes. Democrats have been talking impeachment from the moment he won the election and their god Hillary LOST. They have to LIE about what was said and make up out of thin air what President Trump's intention was to even make their case.

His real offense was that he DARED to win the election Democrats thought THEY WERE ENTITLED TO. And once he won he DARED to pull away from Obama's socialist/marxist 'America Is Terrible and must be destroyed/has no place as a world leader' policies and social program.

Jack*sses claimed over and over again that THEY didn't need any crime because impeachment is POLITICAL. But now the Jack*sses are claiming that they have overwhelming evidence of their claims (They don't.) and so he must be convicted and removed.

To the lurkers: Tell you what. Lets do this when a DEMOCRAT is the President and THEN I will believe that it isn't simply Democrat hate, smugness, entitlement, and arrogance.

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1. Thank you. I wish your post was required reading for every voter. nt