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  1. #1 So, liberals and those calling President Trump a racist, please explain this.... 
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    Next U.S. Navy aircraft carrier to be named after African American Pearl Harbor hero

    The aircraft carrier is the symbol of American power – 90,000 tons of diplomacy, the Navy likes to say. Almost all of them are named after presidents – until Acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly broke with tradition.

    CBS News national security correspondent David Martin said, "So, the list of carriers is going to read Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Reagan, Truman, Eisenhower, Bush, Ford, Kennedy … Miller?"

    "Exactly right, and I like it when you put it that way," said Modly.

    That's Miller as in Dorie Miller. The next aircraft carrier to be built will be named for the grandson of slaves and a son of sharecroppers. The official announcement is on Monday, Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, at Pearl Harbor.

    And Dorie's closest surviving relatives, Florietta Miller and Brenda Haven, are still getting used to having a carrier named after their Uncle Dorie, who served in the segregated Navy in World War II. "That's a great honor," said Haven. "because it's been a long, hard road."
    The rest of the article can be found HERE.
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    I didn't read the article but I already knew the story and the man was a cook, the only other job title offered to a black person in that era. The cabin boys were all Filipinos because they too were not able to hold any real titles in the old Navy. It was WWII that finally elevated people of race in our armed forces and this was long over due for this man who fought for his ship and fellow sailors. I think it's great the ship will have an honorable name and not one of a politician who in all likelihood never did anything to deserve it, especially those that were given soft non combat jobs during our wars and somehow they still got their names on something just because they were elected by one party. Can you imagine giving one of our future ships the name USS Barrack Ass Wipe
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