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  1. #1 I hope Chuck Schumer makes a motion............ 
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    Kentuck started a thread with the title -

    I hope Chuck Schumer makes a motion............

    Then he went on to say that he hoped he'd make a motion to dismiss the House Members that President Trump appointed to his legal team. He said that they weren't needed or wanted so they shouldn't be there. (They are there to "advise".)

    And advise they are.

    They are going to make sure the Senate Republicans know what House Democrats considered "fair" during the House Impeachment Inquiry, meaning NO DUE PROCESS for President Trump and Republicans. The secret hearings with selectively leaked information. Republicans unable to call witnesses, refused to allow a minority hearing day, Schitt Azz telling witnesses that they did not have to answer Republican's questions, Dems got 3 or 4 partisan Democrat 'expert witnesses', Republicans only allowed one and on and on.

    They'll make it clear that when Democrats demand "fairness" they are demanding that which they were unwilling to give Republicans. And they'll make it clear that the SENATE is not obligated to do the work of getting witnesses the HOUSE was unwilling to do.

    The chickens are coming home to roost and Democrats screwed themselves.

    On edit: Someone pointed out that President Trump was entitled to appoint whoever he wanted on his legal team so that motion was not going to happen. So Kentuck deleted his thread.
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    He can have another bucket of chicken, bunch of dumb bastards can't communicate with normal people. They can only use and confuse the idiots who vote for them, they're all brain dead. Reality is about to set in for all these ass wipes.
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    So Schifftyroo and other Dem House members being in the Senate advocating removal is fine, but R House members should be dismissed? What does kt fear? That the R House members will be able to tell the Senate from experience about Schifftyroo's kangaroo-court procedures and shenanigans?
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