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    alyce douglas (1000+ posts) Tue Jan-13-09 07:35 PM
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    11. killing women and children, I hope the international community
    comes down hard on Israel, they are exterminating innocent people. And do those Hamas leaders using white phosphorous like Israel is? NO.
    Yes, wars only kill women and children.....never men! :D

    Blutodog (275 posts) Tue Jan-13-09 08:56 PM
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    15. Hamas
    This is an ongoing War! Hamas has been raining thousands of missiles on southern Israeli cities for yrs. Israel vacated Gaza in 2005 and since Hamas has picked up the pace of it's attacks. Is Israel just supposed to sit there and take it forever? How would we react under similar circumstances if our country started to be attacked daily by Mexico because they claimed we stole Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Calif. 175 yrs. ago in an unjust and unequal war of aggression. Which by the way it probably was! I got news for u folks we'd politely tell the Mexicans to cease and desist and give them 24 hrs. After that all hell would break loose. Some how Israel though isn't allowed to play by these rules for some reason? Wrong! Israel like any other nation is going to do whatever to protect itself from it's sworn enemies waging a war of attrition against it. Does the fact that innocents are getting killed matter, YES & NO. Hamas knew damn well what is doing and it wants as many civilians killed as necessary to win over the opinion of idiots like u.
    Good post by Blutodog!
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    I posted this reply some time ago on another thread:

    Whenever Israel starts getting serious, the "international community" pressures Israel to stop. Which is just postponing the inevitable. Eventually Israel finds itself repeating the operation at a later time. If they want to be successful now, they have to finish what they started and kill the damn terrorists, no matter what the "international community" says. Only when Israel itself is convinced that they won should they retreat.

    By the way, just to remind everybody, Israel totally withdrew from Gaza three years ago, yet the terrorists are still fighting Israel from there. So even if you are against the so called "settlements" (which is a stupid position to take, but that argument is for another time) Israel is totally justified here. It is as if North and South Carolina had a war, and the North agreed to stop fighting, signed a truce, and withdrew all of its forces from South Carolina. And the South Carolinians then commenced rocket attacks over the border into Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Raleigh-Durham, and Ashville. Same situation here with Israel and Gaza.
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