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  1. #1 Repubs say: "Democrats want the Senate to do their job for them." 
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    Repubs say: "Democrats want the Senate to do their job for them."


    Everybody knows their job is to defend Donald Trump, not the Constitution or the institution of the Senate.

    The Constitution says that the Senate has the sole power to "try" all impeachments. They have a responsibility to have a trial when the House impeaches. Their job is not to defend the Executive Branch. Their job is to defend the US Senate and our Constitution.

    It is not the job of the House to "try" the charges against the President. That is the Senate's job. They should do their job and stop covering up and making excuses.


    Wow. What an idiot.

    The HOUSE opens an impeachment investigation and then INVESTIGATES AND takes the needed steps to get documents and witnesses. Once the investigation is concluded they vote to impeach or to not impeach.

    If the President is impeached then it is up to the HOUSE MAJORITY to present their case before the Senate. The Senate does not investigate. The Senate is the jurors, and in an impeachment there is nothing wrong with the Presidents party being supportive if they do not see impeachable offenses.

    And they are under no obligation to accept the half baked conspiracy theories of the Democrats. They ARE defending the Constitution and the institution of the Senate.
    Liberals are divorced from reality and they think it's great. When you live in la la land you're never wrong, it's always the other person/groups fault and you can believe what you want to believe and call it 'truth'.
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    Pretty pathetic people aren't they, there are teachers and other supposedly educated people in their forum. Now we know why the youth of America are for the most part brain dead. The commies knew they couldn't defeat us unless they brain fk ed our youth and you will find most of the commies holding the title Professor and teaching our youth how to rebel and destroy a prosperous Nation. It will not stop until they are all held accountable for the things happening today. We know the left is not going to do anything but try to speed up our destruction so let's hope conservative citizens will out live all these idiots that can't speak for themselves but use a script written for them.
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    Nothing will ever be "fair", to those that lived their whole life playing the victim.
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