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  1. #1 Most violent crimes don't involve guns. Sorry, Democrats. 
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    Lawmakers love to say that guns are a leading source of violence. But a major study just completely busted their narrative.

    Based on the FBI’s National Incident-Based Reporting System (description below) the majority of violent crime does not involve the use of firearms.

    Huh. Go figure.

    Except for homicides, most violent crime involved personal weapons or knives or blunt objects or motor vehicles with large numbers falling into the “other” or “unknown weapons” categories.

    There were 86,210 assaults involving firearms versus 1,22,640 non-firearm assaults
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    1,22,640 ?????
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    Except for homicides is a pretty big exception.

    I'm not against law-abiding citizens owning guns, but the potential of being killed by someone using a gun is why people fear guns.
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