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  1. #1 Bernie Bros/DUmp agonizing over Joe Rogan's endorsement 
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    Expanding the party, and Joe Rogan.

    Expanding the party means getting votes from people who don't agree with us on everything. The usual knock on people like Bernie and Warren is that they will scare away moderates with their big spending leftist ways like single payer and free college.

    So wouldn't reaching Joe Rogan be exactly an example of expanding the party? Why is it cool to post articles from Never Trump right-wingers like (say) Jennifer Rubin, or for candidates to talk about how friendly they are with Republicans, but the same doesn't apply to Joe Rogan?

    Personally, I have low opinions of both Joe Rogan and Jennifer Rubin. Rogan is OK with anti-trans bigotry. Rubin is OK with torture. Rogan likes conspiracy theories. Rubin likes supply-side economics. I'm not OK with any of that. And I'm not going to go listening to their ideas for wisdom. But in the end, if the goal is to beat Trump, they're both in the same category.
    Let the infighting, pearl clutching and bitch slapping begin:


    10. Is Rogan a "Trumper" or "moderate Republican" or neither? What's "pandering" vs "reaching out"?

    Is a "Trumper" anyone who voted for Trump, then a lot of "moderate Republicans" are also Trumpers.

    I don't know much about Rogan's political views, so I don't know what category he's in. He hosts a show which I've never seen except for a few clips, but apparently he's got a big audience. And as far as "pandering", Bernie didn't change any of his positions to seek Rogan's approval. In fact, I don't even know if he reached out to Rogan or if Rogan just spontaneously decided to say that.

    13. Rogan's racist, transphobic, misogynist, and otherwise reprehensible comments are public record, and

    Sanders re-tweeting Rogan's post demonstrates approval.

    This cannot be spun; it is reprehensible, and indefensible.

    45. He should not be promoted on DU...I don't care who he endorsed

    27. That is nonsense...working with the other side's elected is not the same as approving of a racist

    woman hating , conspiracy believe POS like Rogan who counts Alex Jones as his stop. Sanders is wrong. And every post of yours is a hit piece on Biden and a positive one for Sanders.

    37. Sanders values support from a guy who say shit like this...And because he had Alex Jones on his

    podcast,I say fuck you misogynistic, hateful,racist piece of garbage.

    "...And speaking of a lot: He uses the word lady a lot. “Ladies,” he went on, “you make people. You make all the people. And you want to be president, too, you fucking greedy bitches? What else do you want? You want bigger dicks than us?” “Ladies,” he went on some more, “I love you … but let’s be honest, you don’t invent a lot of shit...”

    or how about his latest Netflix garbage...

    "Rogan’s most recent Netflix special is often funny because Joe Rogan is a professional stand-up comedian, but if you look past the jokes themselves and focus on the targets he’s choosing, the same patterns emerge. Hillary, the #MeToo movement, why it sucks that he can’t call things “gay,” vegan bullies, sexism. Of all the things in the world for a comedian to joke about right now, why these? “I say shit I don’t mean because it’s funny,” he says during the special, which is something all comedians say, and is sort of true but also sort of not. People reveal their deepest selves in the subjects they keep revisiting, and the hills they choose to die on. With Rogan, you can often see and hear the tension between what he knows he’s supposed to believe and what he really thinks. Joe Rogan may be all about love, but beneath the surface he’s seething.

    5. Especially when you accept...

    an endorsement from a racist misogynistic homophobic ignorant fuck like Joe Rogan.

    But fine...go ahead...keep it up with your pathetically ignorant "Bernie at all costs!!" garbage. I mean, it's all for Bernie, right??

    9. This.. why would one want to have endorsements from an obvious bigot like that!

    Don’t give me the big tent crap. That guy’s a creep. Will chase women voters away for sure
    Drunken Irishman

    56. lmao from the same people who, just last week, were telling us the Dem Party was too big of a tent.

    The messaging is so goddamn inconsistent.

    I am glad, though, that malina has taken it upon herself to fully speak out for both the black and the trans community. Since, you know, if she says it, it must be the voice of an entire demographic.

    But I'm guessing there are trans people who are hurt by some of Rogan's awful rhetoric toward their group.


    Butt hat's cool. Malina has told us it's okay, guys, as a black trans woman, she absolutely is fine with it! Cool.
    *scheming daemons

    18. Embracing Joe Rogan costs you suburban women

    ... the people who brought us victory in 2018.

    23. So, if David Duke endorsed a Democratic candidate

    and that candidate happily welcomed that endorsement, you'd be OK with that?

    24. Jennifer Rubin is a journalist...Rogan is a conspiracy right wing nutter and a no

    No, there is no comparison...and his just pumping up Sanders like the rest of the right ...starting with Trump because they think they can beat him...he likes Alex Jones...that is all we need to know about this guy.
    Too much fun watching the left eat their own over a non political person such as Joe Rogan.
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    Good grief man. I have some bad days but these people are perpetually miserable. I can't wait till the candidate is announced and they realize they were taken for a ride..again. All the old bastard is doing is holding in there and waiting for the DNC to give him another payday to get lost just like he did in 2016.
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    Joe Rogan was right when he talked about the Left. He told a little story about piranha; if one of them got sick, the rest of the school will dog pile him and eat him alive.
    Just like DU is doing with Bernie.

    Anyone else would love Rogan's endorsement , trying bring more voters to his side. But not DU.


    These jerkazoids are the only ones I've seen who want a purity test for the VOTERS; they do everything in their power to alienate as many people as possible before and during an election. They go out of their way to insult and belittle White people, the Working Class, Gun Owners, religious people, folks who support the Military, Law & Order folks who support the Police, any minority who's Conservative, any Gay or Trans people who are Conservative, attack people who support Free Speech, attack people who support the Right to own firearms , attack Small Business people. And at the same time support criminals and terrorists.

    And when they lose they come back with " They cheated ".
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