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Green in as I roast my own.
In keeping with the topic of this thread, you should get some Weasel Puke Coffee.

On the weather side of things, it sucks outside. Cold, snowy, roads are terrible, and related crap. IMO it should be 55 degrees all the time. This would make things much more comfortable. Cool enough to use a pile of blankets at night, warm enough that I don't have to shovel snow.

TOTD: Usually we use the plastic bags, although we do have a stash of the reusable ones (the cheap kind that Ginger demeaned). The only ones we use with regularity are the "6-packs" which hold 6 bottles of wine separate. I suppose we'd use the others if we remembered to keep them in the car.

As for composting, why would I want a pile of rotting garbage in my yard? Isn't that why there's a landfill?