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Do you want to have a little fun?

If your bored and waiting in a public area, try this. There are a few rules to follow. First, be sure no one will know you and you have divulged no information about yourself. Second be sure you are in a group of diehard Trump supporters. They should also be of the working-class, preferably retired. I was in a medical facility waiting area with six red cap people, plus others, discussing the virtues of Trump. I kind of joined the group and after a few minutes said Trump must be reelected. Everyone agreed. If he isnít and Social Security and Medicare, as well as other programs, arenít eliminated, the country will go bankrupt. Everyone jumped on me and said Trump will never do that. I countered with the fact that he said he probably will, and he must bring down the deficit and give more tax cuts. The murmur of protests started, and I said what do you people want him to do? Bankrupt the country? I then wandered away. I noticed the conversation stopped and I think some of them did not sleep as well that night.

These idiots think that people who support President Trump don't know that Democrats claim that Republicans will get rid of social security and Medicare EVERY time there is an election. It's a scaremongering lie. And if this little story were true they recognized the idiot as an unhinged liberal and declined to have further conversation with the idiot. So of course it got quiet.

I was in a medical facility waiting area with six red cap people, plus others,
Really? Six (6) 'red cap' people. Do the hats all say "MAGA"? Or are they red baseball caps and the idiot hears the conversation in his head and believes it real?

Has anyone else EVER been in a public place that wasn't a political rally or Trump related meeting that had SIX people in MAGA hats?

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4. Smooth. Subversive.

I love it! Great job.
Right. Someone wants DUmmy cred, hence the Bouncy.
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7. We have some very deviant people on DU and I love them all!! n/t