Mon Jan 27, 2020, 02:32 AM

Grasswire2 (6,001 posts)

The WH has had that book draft since December 30. And yet they've lied repeatedly.

Please call Justice Roberts' phone Monday and demand that he require truth from all parties.

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Good Plan!! The TRUTH is that it was up to the HOUSE DEMOCRATS to go through the process to gain documents and witnesses. They did NOTHING even as they denied President Trump due process. So they should NOT get any witnesses or documents now.

If there's going to be witnesses and documents, realistically Senate Republicans should only be approving President Trump and Republican witnesses since the House made sure they got the witnesses they wanted that were willing to testify.

The President's lawyers have truth on their side, Democrats have one lie after another.

The idiots really seem to believe that the anonymous sources that the Democrat propaganda media tout is true. Almost ALWAYS it has been nothing but lies.