Democrats are so arrogant that they are not even hiding their intentions, lies and their belief that what they BELIEVE and FEEL is 'truth' and every thing else is a "lie", along with their claims that it's the "accusations" and "how it looks" that matters and not the truth.

NanceGreggs (25,146 posts)

Sometimes Looks Are Everything

For the past few months, the BIG question for Republicans has been: ”Do you know how guilty Trump looks?”

We the People who want Trump removed from office – and we’re the majority of the citizenry now – have been truly incredulous that you seemed oblivious to how blatantly guilty he makes himself look with every statement he makes, every action he takes, every response to each new piece of evidence that is exposed.

But now we know what John Bolton will say if called to testify – and it isn’t anything you want the American people to hear. So you are continuing the fight to ensure they never do – at least until your “pResident” is acquitted by your own good, oath-swearing-to-God-to-weigh-all-the-evidence selves.

So now the EVEN BIGGER question is: ”Do you know how guilty you look?”

Democrats have been saying this for over 3 year and have spent MILLIONS of DOLLARS investigating President Trump and yet they cannot name even ONE CRIME he has committed.

So Jack*sses think that their claims that President Trump "looks guilty" means he is? And if they claim that THEY want him gone that they are entitled to get what they want.

And the only thing the jack*sses know about what John Bolton would say is what their Democrat talking points pimping media reports from anonymous sources.

This is no different from Kavanaugh and needs to be treated the same way.

Democrats are continuing their out of control, arrogant, vindictive, entitled temper tantrum. Funny, the Democrat NEVER ask or contemplate WHAT THAT LOOKS LIKE.