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  1. #1 Diapers for birds (End Times alert) 
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    ...The FlightSuit allows birds to 'enjoy more out-of-cage time without the mess, inconvenience, and embarrassment of soiling your clothing or furnishings', according to US makers Flight-Quarters.

    The unusual underwear comes in 14 sizes to suit the smallest parrotlet to the largest macaw. ...


    Away with bird poop on furniture misery! :D
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    I saw some chick on "How Clean Is Your House" who could have used about 2 dozen of these things. :D
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    The only place birds belong in the house is the refridgerator/freezer or oven.
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    A year ago at relatives birthday party, this woman brought her parrot wearing a diaper to the party. She wasn't invited to the party, but just showed up.. With her parrot.. and the parrot was wearing a diaper...

    It is now a family joke when we get together
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