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  1. #1 Impeachment Is Not Partisan Impeachment If Itís AntiTrump 
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    Following the logic of Joe Biden is difficult on a good day, and his appearance on ABCís Good Morning America on Friday wasnít a good day for olíJoe.

    It would have been wrong for Richard Nixon to have been removed from office based upon a purely partisan vote. No president should be removed from office merely because one party enjoys a commanding lead in either house of congress.

    Anchor George Stephanopoulos then asked, ďIf a partisan impeachment was wrong in 1974, wrong in 1998, why isn't it wrong now?

    ďBecause it's not a partisan impeachment. He violated the Constitution, period,Ē Biden replied.
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    Why do they let that old fool continuely make an ass out of himself and his party in public?
    I love the sound of liberal heads exploding in the morning!!

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