Talk about a bunch of wussy cry babies!

XemaSab (1000+ posts) Sat Jun-21-08 08:23 AM
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My mom is SUCH a bitch

I really can't deal with this at all.

Since I moved back here 6 weeks ago, I have talked to each of my three closest friends ONCE each. Why is that? Because I can't have a goddamn phone conversation in this house.

Last night I went to go call my friend Clay and my mom told me that if I wanted to make a phone call I should go in my room. I said "No, I'm going in the back yard." My mom then said well why didn't I go in the front yard so she could go in the back yard to smoke while I was on the phone. I again reiterated that I was GOING to go in the back yard to talk on the phone and if she wanted to smoke SHE could go in the front yard.

So I go out back and I can my friend (for the second time in six weeks.)

I'm on the phone for 5 goddamn minutes and she comes out SCREECHING that I ate all the Fritos and now she doesn't have anything to eat with her ham sandwich. Basically that bitch FORCED me to get off the phone after 5 minutes because I was doing something that wasn't about her.

(I ate the last of the Fritos on Tuesday; there's Cheez-Its, there's cottage cheese, there's basically all kinds of stuff she could have had, but NO, I'm the bitch because I ate all the Fritos and didn't tell her. And never mind the fact that I don't eat meat OR tomatoes, and I've been subsisting on macaroni and cheese and beans out of a can for weeks.)

Then, later in the evening, she was getting ready for bed and I told her I was going out in the carport for a minute. I unlatched the gate to the carport, and she bursts out of the house asking if everything's okay because the dogs were upset. Like, DUH, that's why I told you I was going in the carport for a minute. It's like being 5 years old... honestly. I can't go in the goddamn carport to get my goddamn CD's, which shouldn't be in the carport ANYWAYS, without her acting like it's a crisis.

I really can't deal with this shit at all.
Bwahahahahahahaha! Please tell me this is a joke thread? Otherwise, we've just met a true frito-eating-living-in-her-parent's-basement-whinning liberal! :D