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I once dated a girl who had a similar view of city big shots and rural people. She assumed that the company execs were smarter because they had education and degrees to prove it whereas country folk just fixed trackers and grew stuff out of the ground which cavemen eventually figured out how to do. I explained to her that intelligence was relative. Picking out good investments and which wine to have with what meal was a good thing in a perfect world. However, should the power grid fail tomorrow who would you consider smarter a Wall Street financier who knew all the best restaurants or the country boy who knew how to hunt and fish and could put dinner on the table?
Amen! One of the reasons I moved where I am and then the city slickers showed up and near destroyed the place. I’d move again if I had the energy. I can grow, harvest and can, butcher and smoke, walk to the river and back with a string of fish and have a good stock of defensive hardware.