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This s a list that will keep growing!

You suck!

More constructive criticism aimed at idiots who are too dumb to ever take it: (See part 1 here) America's colleges: Why is it that it seems like every former terrorist, communist, and kook with an IQ over 100 seems to be able to get a job teaching our kids in a university? Meanwhile, Jay Leno's show is out in the street interviewing people who think Fred Flintstone was our first President. What do we expect when our colleges are hiring moral degenerates like Ward Churchill and Bill Ayers to shape the minds of our college students?

The Slanket: Is there a worse product in all of America than the Slanket? How much money do you need to have burning a hole in your pocket to look at a "blanket with arms" and say, "Oh yeah, I gotta have that!" In all seriousness, if you want a Slanket, grab your coat, turn it around backwards and put it on. Congratulations, you now have your very own Slanket!

Sarah Palin Haters: Know who I really hate? Sarah Palin! I mean, who does she think she is trying to get ahead based on her abilities -- as opposed to moving up because she married the right man or because she's part of the right family? She's certainly no Hillary Clinton or Caroline Kennedy; that's for sure!

Plus, she isn't rich, she has never been to a Washington dinner party, and who ever heard of having a President who didn't go to Yale? That's just ridiculous, because as everyone knows, all wisdom either comes from Ivy League schools or from Inside the Beltway.

Moreover, obviously the woman is dumb as a rock -- which is quite a coincidence if you think about it, since liberals characterize every Republican who runs for President or Vice-President as either weird or dumb.

Worst of all, she actually excites conservatives and as the Republican Party's incredible winning streak at the ballot box lately proves without a shadow of a doubt, the key to electoral success is completely demoralizing your party's biggest supporters by selling them out on key issue after key issue that they care about.

The New York Times: If an employee of our intelligence agencies gave the same data to Al-Qaeda or the Chinese that the New York Times publishes on its front pages, Americans would be clamoring to hang him for treason. Meanwhile, the Times is revealing that same classified information to the whole world so they can sell a few thousand extra copies of their failing newspaper. If you want to see Americans dead, you have few finer allies on the planet than the New York Times.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Few people better exemplify what's wrong with American politics than Arnold Schwarzenegger. He ran as a fiscal conservative and turned out to be a bigger spender than the guy he replaced. He ran as a Republican and yet he has governed to the left-of-center on almost every issue. He has been a complete and utter disaster for California; yet he's a political juggernaut because he has charisma and star power. Schwarzenegger just goes to show that you can have no principles whatsoever, be terrible at your job, and still be a stunning success in American politics if you're slick and shameless enough.