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    WaPo op-ed argues for having elites decide presidential nominees

    In small part

    Kid you not, that's really what was written in today's Washington Post. That's the solution being bruited about for the Democratic malaise by one Julia Azari, a leftist professor writing in the pages of the Washington Post.

    Her logic goes that since lots of candidates enter the race, elites should choose who's electable, balancing interests, which we just know they'd be willing to do as sacred trustees of The People. The problem is the voters, who just can't pick their candidates right. They have too many to choose from, see, and in the end, they mess up the system. Sure, the system's great as a starter thing, but...
    This is excatly what the Democrats are mad about
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    Plato really didn't like the concept of Democracy because it allowed the uneducated and easily swayed to have too much to do with a decision they know nothing about, who should run the country.
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