Bernie Sanders’ ‘criminal justice’ adviser arrested for plotting ‘violent prison break’

There is a reason why a lot of Bernie’s supporters are “violent.”
It’s because Bernie attracts a very “radical” group of people—the counter-culture revolutionary types. Think a combo of aging “Weather Underground” types meets middle-aged Occupy Wall Street protesters and young Antifa thug—that’s a sect of Bernie’s supporters in a nutshell.

So, it’s not really a surprise when you hear people complain that “Bernie Bros” are “mean” online.

The problem, however, is not so much the online behavior—it’s the real-life stuff that is causing issues for Bernie. Antifa thugs promote Bernie. The shooter who nearly killed Steve Scalise may be on the far-left edge of Bernie’s support circle; however, that circle is closing in on Bernie.

Now, we’re learning that his former “criminal justice advisor” was just arrested for plotting a secret and violent prison break
Alex Freidmann