Feminist Knickers In Collective Twist Over Ms. Magazine Obama Cover

Posted by: Susannah Breslin | Filed in: News & Culture
9:00AM, Tuesday January 13th 2009

See this photoshopped image of Barack Obama ripping his clothes off like Superman to reveal a T-shirt that reads: “THIS IS WHAT A FEMINIST LOOKS LIKE”? That’s the cover of a special inaugural issue of Ms. Magazine, and it’s got some feminists upset.

Ms. states the concept was born out of a meeting Feminist Majority Foundation chairwoman Peg Yorkin and Ms. had with Obama, in which the President-Elect purportedly told them: “I am a feminist.” According to Ms., Obama “ran on the strongest platform for women’s rights of any major party in American history.”

Writing in the Daily Beast, Amy Siskind asserts the image is anti-feminist: “Who is looking out for the women of this country? Well, I will tell you who is not: Ms. magazine.” Feminist Law Professors say the image is a mockery: “[Is Ms.] symbolically looking to a male superhero to ‘rescue’ feminism? Very problematic imagery, in my view.” So, what do you think? Is Superobama the first feminist President, or is the idea of a guy feminist a joke?
What's really amusing is that Ms. Magazine is primarily a gay publication at this point. The only "women" who have a voice in it are lesbians and male-to-female trannies.