One of the Pastors from our church and his wife are stranded in Fiji. His children are here but he cant get to them. Any Legal resources you can think of, please post them here.


Hello Everyone,
> Here is the latest with Bruce & Arieta.
> The US Embassy in Fiji today terminated their Visas and will not let them
> return home to Seattle. They were also told that they may not appeal this
> decision.
> The reason they were given for the termination was that the Embassy official
> felt that Bruce has studied too long in the USA, so he terminated the Visas.
> When Bruce asked him about their children (still here in the US), the embassy
> told Bruce that it was not their (the embassy) problem.
> Just for the record: Bruce and Arieta were legal and approved to continue his
> studies in the CGSL program. The decision rendered by the US Embassy in
> Fiji is baseless. There is no legal reason for this decision.
> In the meantime, Bruce and Arieta are stranded in Fiji while their children are
> here. Bryan Johnson and I are working on the situation and trying to see if
> we can get government officials here to put pressure on the embassy.
> I ask that everyone contact their church prayer ministries and continue to
> intercede .
> I will try to keep everyone updated on tis matter. Bruce assured me that he and Arieta
> are staying strong, appreciate all of you praying for them and they know that God is
> in charge.
> Chris Ward