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    Trumps actions

    Leads me to wonder if this may be where we are headed if republicans insist..

    This corrupt psychopath ogliarchy will never stop abusing or step aside for the good of the people.

    They will not do thier constitutional duty to provide for the general welfare of the American people..

    They are narcissitic authoritarian and sociopathic they have no insight and do not care about others. They are a gang of greedy bullies who's motto is me first fuck everyone else..

    They won't stop this inhuman shit until they are dead. They won't be reasoned with,they ignore facts and are all too eager to sacrifice other people's lives to enrich themselves.

    Trump is a murderer,denying states the help they need unless they kiss his huge gelatinous ass.

    I think trump and his kind will provoke revolution or worse eventually,because they'll never care,never grow up,and never will have any introspection or growth.

    They benifiet from this abuse of power and they'll never stop abusing this country until the day they die. They thrive on death abuse control and chaos. They want people to bow down,submit to them like slaves.

    Our founding fathers would be appalled.

    The ogliarchy has worn out thier welcome in this country and have caused grave harm. . Maybe they should be sacrificed for the safety of the American people. Just sayin.

    Just some thoughts on this intractable situation that does not have to stay intractable. Citizens arrest? Or ???

    There's nothing more "narcissitic, authoritarian and sociopathic", "having no insight and not caring about others" than not accepting the results of a legitimate election and then doing everything you can to take the President you don't agree with out.

    There is NOTHING special about Democrats that they should get what they want and be in power all the time.

    President Trump has done nothing wrong. Enacted the conservative agenda he was elected for is not 'criminal', 'wrong', 'uncaring' or 'authoritarian'.

    Democrats are being narcissistic authoritarian and petulant in their demands that their agenda be enacted or else.

    Just like a temper tantrum throwing young child. And yes, the Democrat Governors that are demanding more supplies than they are entitled to and that they do not immediately need are doing just that - throwing a temper tantrum.

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    1. If they maintain this path and trajectory something will eventually explode.

    It will not be enthralling, enjoyable, exciting, thrilling, or pretty. A major clash of opposing and diverging forces hell bent on crushing and annihilating the other.
    I think trump and his kind will provoke revolution or worse eventually,because they'll never care,never grow up,and never will have any introspection or growth.
    Meaning they won't give Democrats what they want - unlimited power, abortion on demand up to and including during birth paid for by the government, open borders, poverty so the government can take power and mandate the private sector to do their bidding, socialism and all the rest.

    It will happen only if Democrats continue to demand that everyone agrees with their political beliefs and view or else be destroyed. Democrats are intolerant jack*sses who justify their intolerance and bigotry. War is hell, but then so would be living under the jack boots of the Democrats.

    I_UndergroundPanther (1,058 posts)

    2. Yeah I know

    I hope the virus kills all of them. Fast.
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    Trump is a murderer,denying states the help they need 1 unless they kiss his huge gelatinous ass 2.
    1 Had states', counties', and cities' governments done their bloody jobs, they would be too well supplied and busy to point fingers to deflect blame from states', counties', and cities' governments' failures!

    2 While I NOT want to fact-check it, I suspect IUGP is one of the LAST among DU-Members with the credibility to snark about other humans' hind quarters.
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    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

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