Teens send nude pics to one other, face kiddie porn charges

By Jacqui Cheng | Published: January 14, 2009 - 09:20PM CT

There are a number of reasons to think twice (or three times, or four times, or fifty times) before sending a nude photo of yourself to someone electronically. But, if you're under the age of 18, there's at least one big, glaring, serious reason: you and the recipient could be charged with trafficking child pornography. If you think this sounds crazy, it is exactly what happened in Greensburg, Pennsylvania after two teenage girls send nude photos to some teenage boys.

Two girls from Greensburg, who police say are "14 or 15" years old, allegedly sent nude photos to two boys who are slightly older than them (16 or 17) using their cell phones. The photos were discovered in October after one of the youngsters was caught using a cell phone during school hours—a violation of school rules—and had the phone taken away. The photos were discovered at that time—I didn't know teachers could go snooping through your cell phone, either—and turned over to police.

"It was a self portrait taken of a juvenile female taking pictures of her body, nude," Greensburg Police Department captain George Seranko told WPXI News. "Taking nude pictures of yourself, nothing good can come out of it."

This might seem like a one-off story, but last month, the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy released survey results that said 20 percent of all teens have sent a nude photo of themselves to someone else electronically.

This has been a real problem in the schools here locally . . . . I think it's a bit much to charge those who just receive these pics with child pornography - unless they asked for the pics . . . .:(