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  1. #1 Joe: Would Ensure that 'Every Worker Had...Up to 14 Weeks' Paid Sick Leave' 
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    How does 14 weeks of paid sick leave sound?

    That's what former Vice President Joe Biden promised at a CNN town hall on March 27:

    A woman asked Biden (who was speaking from his basement TV studio): "If elected as our next president, what dollar amount will you set as our new national living wage? And what will you do to ensure that every worker has paid sick leave?"
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    Oh ... wow! LOL

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    If heíll lobby for 52 weeks of sick pay, Iíll vote for him and never have to work again. Lol!
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    A woman asked Biden (who was speaking from his basement TV studio):
    Sounds like biden is a basement dweller just like most of those at the dump. That must be why he is so popular.
    I love the sound of liberal heads exploding in the morning!!

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