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  1. #1 A new DOJ report blows a huge hole in Trump's FBI conspiracy theories -- and exposes 
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    A new DOJ report blows a huge hole in Trump's FBI conspiracy theories -- and exposes a much bigger



    “While our review of these issues and follow-up with case agents is still ongoing—and we have not made materiality judgments for these or other errors or concerns we identified—at this time we have identified an average of about 20 issues per application reviewed, with a high of approximately 65 issues in one application and less than 5 issues in another application,” he wrote.

    This suggests the Page application may not even be close to the most egregious misuse of the FISA process. And as Ben Wittes of Lawfare noted:

    It’s worse even that that sounds. The reason is that Horowitz calls his “initial review . . . consisted solely of determining whether the contents of the FBI’s Woods File supported statements of fact in the associated FISA application; our review did not seek to determine whether support existed elsewhere for the factual assertion in the FISA application (such as in the case file), or if relevant information had been omitted from the application.” In other words, “our review was limited to assessing the FBI’s execution of its Woods Procedures, which are not focused on affirming the completeness of the information in the FISA applications.” In short, there are very likely errors that would not show up in this initial screen—including, for example, if the information in the Woods File were itself incorrect.

    There were other problems too: “About half of the applications we reviewed contained facts attributed to CHSs [confidential human sources], and for many of them we found that the Woods File lacked documentation attesting to [key] requirements.”

    As Wittes noted, it’s not clear yet how substantial these errors are to the case for surveillance. But given their ubiquity, there’s little reason yet for optimism. Sloppiness in law enforcement is rarely a sign of otherwise scrupulous actions. And FISA, in particular — given its encroachment on civil liberties and lack of transparency — is supposed to be the most pristine of all law enforcement work.

    So while Republicans have been screaming for years about an anti-Trump cabal in the FBI, it appears they’ve been completely ignoring — along with the rest of the government — the potential of something much worse: A virtually unchecked federal surveillance authority running amok, regardless of the target.


    So the idiots think this "blows a hole in Trump's conspiracy theories"? No. This CONFIRMS that they were not conspiracy theories. It's why Comey, Brennen, and the rest of Obama/Hillary's minions THOUGHT THEY COULD GET AWAY WITH IT.
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    These people are truly brain dead aren't they. They simply refuse to be normal and have serious mental issues, it makes you wonder how did they ever finish school or even get some of the jobs most of them brag about. To be a teacher you at the very least should be able to assemble information and understand what it is you just read or saw with your own eyes. They are actually in a group of people that would have been labeled as sick decades ago.
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    Just the first attempt on how they’re going to ‘spin’ the information to fit their needs. Not a very good attempt, but it is a first attempt. Give them a little time to come up with some truly imaginative stuff.

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    Ummmmm, no. This report just shows that the the illegal Carter Page warrants were part of and furthered by a general culture of sloppiness in the FBI. The Page warrants were politically motivated, and in the FBI's sloppy FISA-culture, no one thought to question them. IOW, this report reveals that the Obama era FBI - Obama's AG and the Obama-appointed FBI Director - was worse than previously understood.
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    "This proof of conspiracy proves that there is no conspiracy!" This is right up there with "The lack of evidence proves the need for an investigation."
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