Linguists Successfully Decipher Ancient Minoan Language “Linear A”

In what might surely be viewed as one of the potentially greatest breakthroughs in linguistics in recent years, scientists have finally deciphered the ancient Minoan Language known as “Linear A“, a previously untranslated ancient writing system used from 1800 to 1450 BCE. A new technique using, of all things, a vast collection of commerce related email of today provided a template for the discovery.
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Further study revealed local officials in Knossos discovered what drove the upheaval in the population was the viral nature of what was labelled “The Nubian Prince Scam”. Tens of thousands of citizens, soldiers, and some local officials themselves got caught-up in the promise of great wealth and lost their entire flocks, wine, and gold reserves. And no amount of education or oration would convince them of their own gullibility.