Rosen is a local conservative talk show host and contributer to the Rocky Mountain News (soon to be out of business). One thing about Mike, he does not pull any punches.

In its Saturday opinion section, the Rocky Mountain News gives readers a chance to Talk Back to the Media. Under the headline "Mainstream media hardly monolithic," a liberal reader took issue with conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer's criticism of the "mainstream media" for shamelessly favoring Barack Obama during the presidential campaign. The reader disputed this and, implicitly, the notion that the mainstream media have a liberal bias.
He supported his argument by employing the fallacy of overstatement, fabricating a straw man, which he then proceeded to rip apart.

The key word he leveraged was monolithic. How can the mainstream media be accused of monolithically supporting Obama, he asked, when that bastion of the mainstream media, The Washington Post, at the same time runs Krauthammer's column? The answer, of course, is easy and obvious. The mainstream media are not monolithically liberal (and cheerleaders for Obama), they're just overwhelmingly liberal (and cheerleaders for Obama).
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