Many of the DUmmies are exactly what they accuse Samaritan's Purse of - prejudice and religious intolerance.

SheltieLover (823 posts) Tent hospital in Manhattan's Central Park asks volunteers to support 'statement of faith' rejecting


Yet unlike the other projects, Samaritan’s Purse has asked all volunteers working at the field hospital — including health workers — to pledge to 11 declarations, Gothamist reports, including one that defines marriage as “exclusively the union of one genetic male and one genetic female” and another that says “human life is sacred from conception to its natural end.”

Much more at link.

WTF is it with these religious freaks?


"Religious freaks"? How horrible. Their beliefs and the love they have for others compells them to VOLUNTEER their TIME and MONEY to help those in need.

I guess that's what the left calls "freaks". There's certainly FEW if ANY atheist or LIBERAL organizations providing humanitarian aid, so I guess so.
jmowreader (42,510 posts)
1. Samaritan's Purse is Franklin Graham's group

So of course they went full fundie.
So what? What difference does that make to those they help? They don't discriminate against those they help so what difference does it make if they are conservative Christians?

TheBlackAdder (15,377 posts)

42. Send the fundies there and free up real hospital beds for those who will get better care!

You've got to play these fucker's game and beat them at it.

If that's their parameters, let those who follow along with it be the ones sent there.
eShirl (16,654 posts)

3. Gawd would like you to do us a favor, though.
Prove it. With FACTS and EVIDENCE.

Right. You can't.

SheltieLover (823 posts)


Sickening! 🤮
FBaggins (19,893 posts)

6. So?

OneGrassRoot (21,496 posts)
8. What if a devout person of another faith...

SheltieLover (823 posts)

13. You bet!

Trying to push their bs brand of control... 🤮
C_U_L8R (34,275 posts)

26. It's a publicity stunt to serve themselves.

God doesn't give a shit about Franklin Graham and his narcissistic brand.
Lars39 (22,647 posts)

30. Money changed hands somewhere.

Franklin Graham doesn't do anything unless it does.
defacto7 (13,393 posts)

38. I'm sure there are other places health workers can be of service.

In the end Samaritan's will get sued.
spanone (119,687 posts)

39. a quid pro quo

fuck them
delisen (4,820 posts)

35. It is exploitting tragedy to promote prejjudice and

Religious intolerance and corporate greed.

The good samaritan helped and did so without demanding the passing of a religious test . That is the point of the story Jesus told.
That's RIGHT. And Samaritan's Purse is helping without demanding the passing of a religious test so how is it promoting prejudice and religious intolerance?

All of these DUmmies who responded like this certainly are expressing prejudice and religious intolerance, though.

SheltieLover (823 posts)

49. What you said

Always exploiting! 🤬
Only in DUmmy land is helping others exploiting a tragedy.

cagefreesoylentgreen (638 posts)

47. They probably have faith healers in those tents
What an idiot.

Me. (27,925 posts)

55. And Trump Supporters Are Flying Trump Flags There