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    Freedom of the press isnít something we can take for granted and in the White House briefing room, it doesnít even exist anymore. One Americaís Pearson Sharp explains how the biased Press Corps is trying to shut down news organizations like OAN for not pushing their left-wing narrative.
    If you do nothing else today, please take the time to view this clip from One America News.

    Pearson Sharp does a great job in exposing the Press for what, and who they really are!

    If you don't have time to watch the entire video, I recommend starting at the 1:40 mark!
    (You might want to have a barf bag ready)

    There is a thirty second commercial that plays ahead of the video on the One America News site so I took the liberty of recreating the video .. without the ad below.

    The excerpt that you see above is all that is on the One America News site anyway .. except for the comments.

    (If they, (youtube) scrub my video, let me know.

    I have a copy which I can upload to a few different places where you can watch it or even download a copy!)

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    "It is difficult only for the others."

    "It is the same when you are stupid."

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    The thing to remember is that White House Briefing-Room is owned by us. The taxpayers.

    OANN has my full permission to attend every press-conference.
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