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  1. #1 FISA Court demands DOJ/FBI name targets of 29 corrupt spy applications 
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    The FISA Court or FISC responded to the most recent report from the DOJ Office of Inspector General (OIG). The Inspector General wrote that he “has a lack of confidence” in the FBI’s ability to file spy warrants.

    A review of a sampling of 29 FISA applications from eight field offices from 2015-on by the OIG found no [that’s none, zero, zilch, nada] surveillance/spy applications complied with the Woods procedures. In other words, not one supported the claims within the FISA warrants.

    Depending on how they were used, those could get the cases thrown out. The evidence gathered illegally cannot be used.
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    People need to go to jail, but I doubt anyone actually will. Our criminal justice system, like every other system of the federal government, is broken beyond repair. The tree of liberty desperately needs a good watering.
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