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In my Criminal Procedures class at law school, after we reviewed a case and topic, we would watch an episode of COPS to see exactly how it is not supposed to be done.

However, although there are a lot of cops who are jerks, there are a lot that are just trying to do their job and don't like it when some "photojournalist" starts shouting about free speech and his rights, especially when the cop knows he is acting appropriately. The cops have one line in this story, the DUmmie has another. The truth lies somewhere in the middle, and I would wager that the police officer was not singling out this guy.

Besides, community service and probation isn't a harsh sentence. Don't DUmmies always brag about how they love to help the community? 100 hours should be easy!
Agreed that the truth probably lies someplace in the middle. However, I think the most probable scenario is that this guy started shooting photos, the cops told him to take a hike, he refused claiming "freedom of the press," and they arrested him. While cops are all for filming suspects in all locations, often times in violation of their civil rights, they really, really don't like people filming or photographing them unless it's guaranteed to be good publicity like Cops.

As to it being a harsh sentence, counselor, it's a misdemeanour! Employers now not only ask if you've been convicted of a felony, they include misdemeanours as well. I know that in my line of work, dealing with large financial institutions, even a misdemeanour is a "death sentence."