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  1. #1 Memorial Day Weekend sees rise in Florida's COVID-19 cases 
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    The DUmp has been all out criticizing Florida because they have been opening up. They've been claiming for days that there's going to be a HUGE increase in deaths and COVID-19 new cases.


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    Memorial Day Weekend sees rise in Florida's COVID-19 cases

    State health officials Sunday reported 740 new COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours, raising the total number of cases in Florida to 50,867, including 49,547 Florida residents.

    On Sunday, the Department of Health (DOH) also reported a rise in hospitalizations. Sundayís report announced an additional 71 hospitalizations, raising the total amount to 9,381 in the state.

    Moreover, 4 fatalities were confirmed Sunday totaling 80 non-residents. Since the pandemicís onset, 2,316 people have died as a result of the novel coronavirus in Florida including 2,236 Florida residents.

    In the last 24 hours, 151 people have tested positive in Miami-Dade County, bumping the amount of total cases to 16,845. The countyís death toll increased by 2 to 641.

    The total of positive tests in Broward County increased by 48 to 6,697. The death toll, however, remained at 314.


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    3. Relative by marriage on FB says "I am more afraid of a Democrat in the WH than the virus"

    This country cant survive that level of stupid and brainwashing...and this is not a stupid person, but making one of the stupidest statements in human history.
    Skittles (128,365 posts)
    6. come on

    Eliot Rosewater (24,005 posts)

    7. I dont know what to think anymore....I guess it is just about racism and bigotry
    ananda (20,561 posts)

    11. And I'm certain that's a fudged number as well.

    It's probably double or triple that.
    Yep that's their answer to why states that have Republican Governors and have not shut down to the extent that Tyrannical Democrat Governors demanded have LESS COVID-19 cases and fewer deaths.

    They're criticizing Florida and totally ignoring New York. New York has less people than Florida does and fewer elderly people.

    New York yesterday, May 23, had 1754 NEW COVID-19 cases, and 98 new deaths.

    Florida yesterday, May 24, had 676 NEW COVID-19 cases, and 43 deaths.

    New York has had a total of 29,046 deaths, Florida has had a total of 2,236 deaths.

    But it's Florida that they criticize and demean.
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    Well, the number of cases obviously won't be going down. So, is this increase unusual? IF it is, does it correspond with a significant increase in testing? The chart in the middle of this webpage, , does not show a significant jump, as of when I am posting this. Similarly, the cases/million population and deaths/M numbers for FL are 32nd and 27th in the nation, respectively.

    And then if you go to, there are:

    * An article dated 5/23 announcing 676 new cases; the article that has DU-folk excited is dated 5/24

    * An article dated 5/22 announcing 776 new cases.

    While just 3 data points, the 740 new cases does not seem unusual compared to the previous days.

    The data in this thread from a discussion site,,401491.0.html , from FL's DOH for 5/11-5/17 inclusive shows that the daily count of new cases has declined some, on the order of 100 less per day. So Florida reality is not the mirage that has DU-folk all giggly.

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    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

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