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  1. #1 The people of Minnesota have spoken 
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    As Minneapolis Burns, Ilhan Omar Tweets In Part: ‘Our Anger Is Just. Our Anger Is Warranted.’

    As Minneapolis burned late on Wednesday over the death of George Floyd, Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar (MN), who represents the district, fired off a series of tweets on the matter after previously condemning law enforcement for trying to disperse rioters, saying, “Our anger is just. Our anger is warranted.”

    On Tuesday, rioters damaged windows, a police car, and sprayed graffiti at a police precinct and were met with police in riot gear who eventually fired tear gas at the protesters, according to MPR News.
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    Anger is understood, violence is stupid.
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    And it's continuing tonight.

    Oh, and it's obviously Trump's fault...
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    Wonder if she and her new hubby got some new free TV's? Just kidding but you'd think a responsible Congress critter would be trying to help keep things calm. She shouldn't be condoning violence.

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    This is the video that needs to go viral from all this. Black business owner yelling at the looters for destroying what he worked for. Plus a reporter asking a looter pulling clothes out of a dry cleaners (why? Seriously, why) and he says I don't know and I don't care, and a bonus report of parents teaching kids to loot, shoving the kids in the stores to grab stuff.

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