They're so cute when they pretend to not know what is meant by this:


ck4829 (28,286 posts)

"We suffered for 8 years under Obama, now it's YOUR turn to suffer"

Wow... pandemic, recession, high unemployment, riots, the Trumpies are at least going hard in the paint in their effort in making it our turn to suffer.

How are we going to suffer next? Can we get any previews of coming attractions? Food shortages? Nuclear war? Scott Baio returning to acting?

President Trump did not cause any of those events and DEMOCRATS have done EVERYTHING they can to make each worse.

Minnesota has a Democrat GOVERNOR and a Democrat ATTORNEY GENERAL,
Minneapolis has a DEMOCRAT MAYOR,
Minnesota, especially Minneapolis is majority DEMOCRAT meaning it is most likely the police are DEMOCRATS.

It isn't Republicans that are vandalizing, looting and burning the city because the DEMOCRAT GOVERNMENT made it clear that they could do so without any consequences.

No, the message is SHUT UP and SIT DOWN. President Trump WON, Hillary lost. President Trump won and so has the right to enact the conservative agenda he was elected to enact. Democrats are not entitled to get their way just because they want it and think they are entitled to it. And Republican Senators do not need to get rid of President Trump because Democrats demand they do so.

tanyev (30,720 posts)

1. Oh, the tyranny of getting health insurance!

Right. Expensive health care you had to pay for BUT you cannot afford to use because of the large deductibles and co insurance.

But then that was the plan, because it was only a pit stop on the way to Hillary enacting health care rationing via socialized medicine.

Until she lost, that is.

roamer65 (19,865 posts)

3. They had better be careful what they wish for.

Blowback is hell.
Blowback like Biden and his administration being treated like the way Democrats treated President Trump and his administration?

Blowback like Democrats having no say in the rules of the impeachment trial after they refused to give President Trump and Republicans due process that was given to Clinton. "We're the majority and WE make the rules. And (whine, whine, whine) you HAVE to give us the witnesses we didn't bother to take the proper steps to get during the investigation. It's not FAIR if you don't.
unblock (45,199 posts)

4. seriously, the only major "suffering" they had was the supposed indignity of having a black potus

it shows they're nothing but racists. slightly higher taxes for people making over $250,000 or whatever is not "suffering".

odd thing is, they're suffering under donnie, too. it's not like things are going swimmingly for bigots. sure, they love having a white supremacist in the oval office, but they're also suffering from the pandemic and the recession and the mess he's making.
Yep, we're back to that. Obama's magic skin color that Democrats made the centerpiece of worship. Of everything about him they worshiped his skin color most of all, and that meant the only 2 options for everyone were to WORSHIP HIS SKIN COLOR or BE RACIST.

So if you didn't like his leftist political beliefs you weren't worshiping his skin color so YOU WERE RACIST. Or something like that.