Underground panther is all in a tizzy. It's ABUSIVE for Republicans to have the majority and enact a conservative agenda.

I suppose this is one of their memes - If they LABEL it as ABUSIVE then Republicans have to do what the Democrats want.

I_UndergroundPanther (1,817 posts)

The republicans

Have stealthily planned this since the 60's.

They have manipulated,lied,looted and destroyed democracy.
Tyrany of minority and that minority has fucked up everything and thier frothing for thier new south. Thier racist,hate filled south where white men dominated everybody and enslaved, abused and destroyed people without consquences.

They want abusers to rule
Abusers like themselves.

And Democrats? Those southern white men who dominated everybody and enslaved, abuse and destroyed people - THOSE WERE DEMOCRATS.

DEMOCRATS are the party of slavery, jim crow laws, the KKK and lynching.

Now they just make sure they're poor, uneducated, hopeless, helpless and dependent on Democrats for their 'free money' that keeps them in poverty and voting for Democrats.

stillcool (27,423 posts)

1. the only way it makes sense..

Donald has a whole lot of Republicans propping him up, that are doing all the work. Decimating agencies, emptying the coffers, stacking the courts. It's like the Civil War has been going on all along, and they've won. The entire Federal Government, might as well be the Pentagon.
Democrats really, really don't like it when the Federal Government is downsized, streamlined and made not only more efficient but employees are held responsible for being effective.