“New York is being destroyed” says NYPD, and the president is implored to send Federal help

Tension is heightened in New York as organized paid rioters are inciting violence, and looting is increasing.

One union head of the New York City police said the city has no leadership. He is pleading with the president to send in reinforcements, as the curfew is ignored by many as rioting and looting continue into the night. Citizens fear for their lives.

A police union boss told host Laura Ingraham of “The Ingraham Angle” Tuesday, June 2, that the rioting and looting in the Big Apple are out of control, and President Trump needs to send federal personnel to prevent more rioting and looting. “NYPD is losing the city of New York and we have no leadership in the city of New York right now, from City Hall to the brass of the NYPD.”
I think that a request for federal troops needs to come for Cuomo. He won't do it to save face with his "constituents"

The police are being held back by De Blasio for the same reason.

They want Trump to send in federal "personnel" so when the whole thing goes sideways they can blame Trump for sending the troops.

New York hates Trump. Let them stew in their own septic tank. They made it.