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  1. #1 A lesson for the dumbest of the dumbasses... 
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    You can't make this up. DUmmies are out in force accusing President Trump and Republicans of doing what THEY HAVE BEEN DOING THE PAST 12 years. They're preaching to the choir and no one but their small choir believes anything they say. LOL

    kentuck (97,815 posts)

    A lesson for the dumbest of the dumbasses...(Yea, DUmmies that's YOU)

    Whenever you support someone who divides the people with his every utterance, there comes a time when your country can no longer carry the weight. (OBAMA, SCHITT AZZZ, HILLYB*TCH, PIGLOSI all vile dividers)

    Dumbasses enjoy the "us" vs "them" speeches of wannabe dictators. They cheer when their political opponents are mocked and called names. Real dumbasses spread the lies and propaganda and salute their superior movement. (The BlackJack*ss I'll rule with a phone and a pen, all Republicans are dumb, deplorables, and on and on and on)

    They do not think twice about the division created by their leaders. For every action, there is a like reaction. Eventually, there is a spontaneous combustion as the divide sparks violence and revolt. (Resistance in all things, at all costs, Democrat approved antifa, riots, looting, arson, violence that Democrats refused to denounce because it was fomented and encouraged by them, Biden cowering at home doing nothing but criticizing President Trump and claiming he'd do it better. LOL. He didn't when he was Obamas VP.)

    Dumbasses thought our country was too strong to be affected by divisive forces, foreign or domestic. They had no idea how fragile their democracy was, nor how easy it is to destroy. (The only person conspiring with a foreign government was Hillary and our intelligence agencies that outsourced the spying on Trump and his administration that they were unable to do themselves. And Democrats don't want democracy, they want socialism. And we're not a democracy we're a representative republic.)

    Only when it is too late do dumbasses realize that the only way we can survive is if we are united for a common purpose. Division is as old as the Bible itself, as old as Cain and Abel. (LOL. Right., Jack*sses define "united" as we'll do WHAT WE WANT, OUR WAY, we don't care what you want and then we'll SAY we are a 'uniter'. Just like their claims that Obama was a uniter. That shitstain was the most divisive corrupt President in modern times.)

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    1. Another thing...

    Another thing that is overlooked by those who cheer on the scapegoating and divisiveness--or try to ignore it--is that they don't realize that they could very possibly be next in line for persecution, etc.

    This has been true historically because, even if you consider yourself to be a good and true x, when it gets down to domination and intimidation, you may either not be x enough or x is now the new scapegoat.

    That's another reason to think twice before getting on the bandwagon.
    Democrats need to look in a mirror. They are all about scapegoating, divisiveness, intimidation (including beating people up who support Trump or wear a MAGA hat), HATE, 'shaming' people who DARE to not agree with them and give in to their demands.
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    There's more projection in Kentuck's post than a 20 screen movie theater.
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    Liberalism is what the stupid think is smart.
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    This is at least the second Moses-from-the-Mount proclamation from kt in the past day or so. I guess impotently watching his latest Gotcha-Trump crumble is wearing on him. Has MM protested kt stealing his schtick?
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