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    A Mayor Garcetti Calls His Cops 'Killers.' The 'Killers' Just Sent a Reply to the 'Unstable' Mayor

    Mayors and governors across the land have run to the cameras and microphones to be among the first to kneel in supplication to the riotous mobs in the streets.

    LA Mayor Garcetti Calls His Cops 'Killers.' The 'Killers' Just Sent a Reply to the 'Unstable' Mayor
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    Mayor "yoga pants" garcetti is a cartoon character of the typical pandering politician, saying what he thinks is the right thing to say to the audience in front of him at the moment to garner their approval.

    This is a guy who can't refer to homeless people as being homeless. He calls them "individuals experiencing homelessness" and embraces illegal aliens as "fellow Angelinos".

    For most of March and all of April and May, the city had to endure "Father" garcetti preaching at his daily covid press briefings going on and on about saving all of mankind from this pandemic and how if staying home saves just one life, yada, yada, yada.

    A few weeks ago he gave high praise to the First Respondors, frequently calling out the LAPD for the fantastic and tireless job they have been doing during the dempanic, then just a few days ago while addressing a group of blm and anti-Police protesters he degrades them and calls them "killers" and proposed a $150 million cut to the LAPD budget. That left a mark within the rank and file of the LAPD that may never go away.

    Detective Jamie McBride who is the head of the Police union that represents the LAPD took the mayor to the woodshed with his comments where he suggested that the mayor is mentally unstable and wishes the city had something similar to the 25th amendment to get rid of garcetti

    McBride, a 30-year veteran of the police department, said union members have lost "all confidence'' in the mayor, although the union has not undertaken a formal no-confidence vote.

    The union on Friday morning issued a blistering statement in response to the "killers'' comment, saying, "Eric has apparently lost his damn mind,'' and suggesting that if the city had a charter provision allowing the removal of
    a mayor for illness or incapacity, "we'd plead for it to be invoked.''

    At a midday news conference, McBride said the union has serious reservations about Garcetti's ability to lead.

    "As far as the mayor's mental health, I think that the mayor, no joking around, I think ... with the pandemic, now with the current situation in Los Angeles, we are honestly concerned about the mental health,'' McBride said.

    mayor yoga pants, of course, says his words were twisted out of context when he refereed to the Officers who are under him as killers.
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