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Exactly. Great point too up above too, Ginger. It's like my situation: While I serve in the Marines I generally move every 3 or 4 years. I thought of buying a home, but at the present time I lack a significant 20% down payment and can't totally afford a home once I'd pay for all the extra expenses, so I DON'T BUY ONE.

I'm so sick and tired of these crybabies who got "screwed" in the subprime deals. My heart goes out to the victims that were taken advantage of, because some CLEARLY were, but for the most part it was just greedy fools who thought they could "flip" a bunch of houses. It's like that stupid Laura Richardson, and the sympathy she tries to get over losing her HOMES. That's home with an S, as in plural. I'm christian to the core, but I'd love to see an idiot congresswoman stuck in a homeless shelter over being just fat and greedy:D
I saw on TV the other day that because of fuel costs, simple commodities in Hawaii have skyrocketed in price. They showed a gallon of OJ on the shelf for $10.15. My God. If OJ is over $10 a gallon, how does anyone afford to live there, much less buy a home? You're there on the American Plan and obviously you have no choice.

I was in Amsterdam last week. With fuel prices through the roof and a dollar fetching .57 Euros, I can appreciate your pain. It ain't pretty.