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    Quote Originally Posted by lacarnut View Post
    You would care if it was your hotel. A hotel is not a private venue, idiot. If they want to screw pigs in their own home, I could care less. If they do it in a hotel, that's where their vile behavior has impacted the employees, staff and patrons that will rent the room after these freaks leave. That should not be too hard for you to understand. Try harder next time at deflecting your fondness for all homosexuals. No wonder freaks are demonized; dunces like you will condone their sick behavior.
    Reading comprehension isnt your strong suit is it? :)

    Actually, if that event went on, I doubt it would be worse than something your typical hotel maid has encountered in the regular rooms already.... think about that next time you sleep in a hotel bed.
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    Suprisingly, I've got a little feeling for the other side on this one. Now that being said, hear me out:

    The Homosexual "orgy" part; to me that's nobody's business but the people involved. HOWEVER, once they start involving golden showers and crap like that, it sounds like a health matter to me.

    Honestly though, how many of us have stayed in hotel rooms with our significant other or whatever and done the deed in there? You ever see when they do those CSI style room inspections with the blacklight? Piss & Blood & semen all over the place in the room.

    I feel about it like this: you wanna rent a hotel with some people and screw each others brains out? Fine. That's not against the law and it's not hurting me. Once you talk about involving animals and things that could make people sick though, that's another story.

    I don't condone the behavior or think it's apropriate or normal. But what I've learned from my relationship with Christ is that we should pray for them to see the error of their ways and leave it up to them. Hate the sin, not the sinner.
    "Don't vote. It only encourages the bastards." -PJ O'Roarke
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    Quote Originally Posted by wilbur View Post
    I'm not deflecting anything.. but commenting on the typical behaviour of you and others in this thread... of judging all homosexuals based on the limited type of news stories you choose to inundate yourself with. I didn't really address the people in the article.. don't really care. They were gonna have a risqué party, people complained, they'll probably move somewhere else. Big deal.

    I was giving you the more in depth analysis you were asking for..... sorry you don't like it. The function of most of these stories, and the reasons they show up all over sites like this is simply to reinforce prejudices. See my example about the evening news.

    Judging all gays by the behavior of some gays is kind of like judging all heterosexual men by the behavior of drunken frat boys at Mardi Gras (you know, the guys who yell "Show us your tits" to every woman who walks by), or the perps in the sexual abuse cases I've seen at work over the past 21 years or so.

    Or, I could judge the behavior of all fundamentalist preachers by that of Ted Haggard and Jim Bakker.
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