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  1. #1 It's confirmed. We are in the majority, the vast majority. 
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    It's confirmed. We are in the majority, the vast majority.

    Overall, 87 percent are dissatisfied with the direction of the United States. The American people are instead saying they are ďangryĒ (71%) and ďfearfulĒ (66%) about the state of the nation.

    According to a devastating new poll from Pew Research Center, just 17 percent of Americans are proud of their country under the failed leadership of Trump.

    - PoliticusUSA

    Go ahead and print that bottom graph and hang it in your office.

    MAGA too has been a tRump failure.


    They arrogantly think that the majority want socialism/marxism/fascism, and approves of the riots, looting, arson and violence the Democrats are fomenting, paying for and turning a blind eye to. They continue to arrogantly think the majority is thrilled that the Democrats have refused to accept the results of a legitimate elections ....... and assume that if Biden win that everything goes back to pre 2016 and that Biden is going to be able to reverse everything President Trump has done.

    They arrogantly assume that anyone who answered this is opposed to President Trump.

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    1. Great. Now we continue to put pressure and hammer the crap out of them.

    Crush him and the rethuglicans, never let up until November 3rd.

    We need to destroy the republican party so that they never come back again. Regardless of what the polls say, we just keep hitting them as hard as we can.

    Never. Stop. Fighting. Crush. Them. Completely.
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    2. CORRECT

    the vast majority of us are not RACIST ASSHOLES, either
    rusty quoin (6,045 posts)

    3. 17% proud 128,000 dead from COVID-19.
    Cha (255,312 posts)

    5. I would Hope So! It's not like the treasonous assholes

    were trying for anything else.

    But, I guess with Putin's madman puppet in charge.. what do they expect?
    LTG (180 posts)

    6. Wish they had asked more precise questions.

    According to the article, Real Clear Politics shows an approximate 10 point lead by Biden. So, we know at least that many prefer Bidenís vision for the US. I wish the poll had asked follow ups getting an idea for the reason for anger and fear.

    We have to admit that in this country some portion of those people are reacting to the protests, defunding police and the violence shown in news sources. Even Trump supporters might give those answers to the question of direction of state of the nation, while blaming progressives, socialists, ANTIFA. minorities whoever. It will be at least some portion of the 43 - 44% that still support Trump. Final number that lays their feelings at the feet of Trump is higher than Bidenís current 54 - 55% but less than the poll number of angry and fearful. So letís not let these poll numbers excite us too much or any complacency ithey may engender.
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    7. As we get closer to a depression from trump and republicans failings,

    The numbers will only get a lot worse for them. This is going to be the biggest landslide this country has ever seen, and from the American people holding them accountable , when they refused to do. It could be decades before these people get into office and have control again. This will not be forgotten what they've done to us.
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    I don't think those results mean what they think it means.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Munster View Post
    I don't think those results mean what they think it means.
    I think you are correct. Aren't they in for a surprise.
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    Please don't anyone tell them otherwise we want as many as possible to stay lazy and not go to the polls. Think of the pain this time around when they call the election as soon as the sun goes down for Trump.
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    The poll doesn't discern from those angry at Trump and those who are angry at the rioters and the feckless "leaders" who abet and kowtow to them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SVPete View Post
    The poll doesn't discern from those angry at Trump and those who are angry at the rioters and the feckless "leaders" who abet and kowtow to them.
    Exactly. I'm scared to death and mad as a h-e-double hockey sticks about the future and current state of the country, but I'm scared of and mad at the trust fund revolutionaries running rough shod over the country and the companies/leaders who are bending over for this tiny, screaming minority.

    Reading the full questions and answers to the poll, it's not really not shining a good light on Biden either. Very few enthusiastic/very confident type responses, mostly average or somewhat confident about what kind of president he would be and how he would handle current issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SVPete View Post
    The poll doesn't discern from those angry at Trump and those who are angry at the rioters and the feckless "leaders" who abet and kowtow to them.
    You have to remember that this is the same happy bunch who think if run up to someone, scream in their face, curse that out and call them every name in the book, that you " SHAME " them into seeing things your way.

    They really believe that people just LOVE the rioting, looting , arson and murder that has been going on for the last couple of week. The public also knows that it was the Left and Democrats that were encouraging and supporting it.

    This election is coming down to different philosophical world views. Authoritarian and Libertarian . Those who believe whichever spoiled brat screams the loud-ist should be running things and people who disagree with the mob should be and will be striped of their Rights, property and maybe their life ( they plan on taking property and Rights any way) and blame someone else when they fuck up their own lives. The other side says your life belongs to you, and as long as you're not violating the Rights of others, you can pretty much live any way you want, have any religion you want, read what you want, watch what you want because its nobody's business but our's.

    Now all we have to decide is if we want America to look like some fucked Liberal Arts College, or not.
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    The DUmmies will be most displeased
    November, Tuesday night...
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    Good Trump.
    Bad Trump.

    That's how Pew seems to be weaseling these surveys.

    There is no Bad Biden.

    Would you vote for Good Trump when he goes bad? ummm, NO,
    Would you vote for Bad Trump if he tries to be good? NO.
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