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  1. #1 Chess Is Racist Because White Goes First or Something 
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    The events of this year keep exploring new reaches of insanity that none of us thought possible when we were stupidly saying “Happy New Year!” to each other. It’s March 121st, 2020 as I begin writing this and I’m exhausted just thinking about how much year is left. After reading about the “RAAAAAAAACISM” mob trying to cancel John Wayne I figured it couldn’t get much weirder.

    Then I found out that chess is racist.

    Or someone is seriously pondering whether chess is racist.

    Yahoo! News:

    Australian Chess Federation committee member Dr Kevin Bonham has refuted suggestions the rule of white pieces moving first was racially motivated.

    Dr Bonham spoke to ABC radio’s James Valentine on Wednesday afternoon after a man posted to social media his child’s query about why white always moves first in chess.

    Controversy arose when the ABC proposed a radio discussion on the matter and on Tuesday sought an interview with John Adams, an economist who represented the Australian Chess Federation in 2015.

    Mr Adams declined the interview offer and went into a Twitter rage saying the ABC had taken the view that chess was “racist”. He also referred them on to Dr Bonham.
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    Jesus wept.
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    Wait, I play Star Wars Legion (miniature ground combat in the Star Wars universe) and my army of choice is the Grand Army of the white armor. Using the idiot's statement in the OP, does this mean it's a racist army as well?
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    Tires are racist because they are black and have to shoulder the full weight of the vehicle on the blacktop which is also racist.

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