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    Yesterday, I wrote about the murder of eight-year-old Secoriea Turner. Young Miss Turner was shot by a group of protestors near the Wendy’s where Rayshard Brooks was killed. Her crime? Damned if I know. She was a little girl who couldn’t have done anything.

    Regardless, when the car she was riding in turned to enter a parking lot, they were faced with armed protestors who objected to what the driver was trying to do.

    And a little girl died.

    The Mayor of Atlanta wants the city’s own version of the CHOP cleared.
    Further down:

    You see, the only way to clear the area of protestors who don’t want to leave is to either use the police or the National Guard. The Guard is something of a non-starter for what should be fairly obvious reasons. The idea of soldiers clearing an area on American soil will not play well on television. Not in the least.

    That leaves the police.

    Yet, how are the police actually going to clear it? This is a department still struggling with morale problems after the Brooks incident. An officer was fired and another reassigned before an investigation into their actions could even begin. That happened at Mayor Bottoms’s direction. It seems unlikely that the Atlanta Police Department would be interested in rolling into an area where the potential exists for more violence knowing that if someone dies, they’ll be the ones hung out to dry.

    That didn’t stop many from asking just why the police hadn’t already moved in.
    Send only black police officers to "clear it out"
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