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  1. #1 House Republicans surrender to Democrats on Army post renaming 
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    One of the advantages the Democrats have had for many years over the Republicans is that they have more legislative and cultural courage in the sense that no matter how absurd, no matter how left-wing, no matter how unpopular their actions are, they stick to their guns. Whereas some Republicans, other than the president, sniff the slightest whiff of political grapeshot and fold like a cheap card table.
    So it was on Monday, as the House Armed Services Committee unanimously passed its version of the defense budget for 2021. Democrat and Republican House members passed the$740 billion National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) in a 56-0 vote on Wednesday.
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    It fell into the Democrats' lap. It wasn't as if they and their media cheerleaders were crusading for it.

    That's the strange part. The proposal came-up IN Committee. It wasn't sent TO the Committee.

    President Trump comes-out smelling like a rose after McC overrides his veto.

    The pressure's on Mitch not to act like a gerbil eating a hickory-nut. The name-changes can take forever, if that's his plan.
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