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  1. #1 Biden Will Impose Higher Corporate Tax Rate 
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    During a speech in Pennsylvania yesterday, Joe Biden said this of the U.S. corporate tax rate:

    "I'm gonna raise it back up to 28 percent."

    So even during a pandemic, Biden vowed to raise the current 21 percent U.S. corporate tax rate all the way up to 28 percent -- a 33 percent increase in the rate.

    Biden would impose on Americans a higher corporate tax rate than Communist China’s 25%.

    President Trump and congressional Republicans lowered the federal corporate tax rate from the Obama-Biden era 35 percent rate down to the current 21 percent rate as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Before Trump took office, America’s corporate rate was the highest in the developed world.

    Biden also wants to double the capital gains tax to 40 percent for everyone:
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    With a bit of good luck the old MF will die the day before election, no one would miss him except China and the Ukranian mafia.
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