Monday, January 19, 2009
By Ruth Ann Dailey, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

For many months, hardy loyalists of President George W. Bush have sought to frame his legacy by proposing that the controversial choices he made through dramatic, pivotal years will be deemed correct and courageous when we look back on them some years hence.

The verdict of history, they say, will be kinder than today's partisan-fueled hatefulness indicates. Political wise men as diverse as former New York Mayor Ed Koch and strategist Karl Rove have compared Mr. Bush to Harry S. Truman -- loathed when he left office, now lauded as a greater leader than his contemporaries could admit.

But Bush supporters may not have to wait so long for vindication. The potential shift in public opinion of Mr. Bush's record is already getting a big assist from an unlikely source -- the rapidly sobering staffers and fans of President-elect Barack Obama.

Some of Mr. Bush's most controversial decisions -- like holding suspected enemy combatants at Guantanamo Bay -- are now being seen in a new light. Democrats in government and media have just discovered that many of the detainees are extremely dangerous men!

Amazing that this is from the Pittsburgh PG.