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  1. #1 de Blasio Comes Up With Innovative New Crime-Fighting idea 
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    Mayor Bill de Blasio was going to defund the police and reimagine public safety. How’s that working out?

    New data from the NYPD shows there were 68 shootings across the city in the past seven days, leaving dozens of people wounded and nearly a dozen dead.

    At least 92 people were shot in the city during the period spanning from 12 a.m. on July 5 to 11:59 p.m. on July 11. At least 11 of them died from their injuries, according to the data.

    Here’s Bill de Blasio’s bold new innovative plan to stop the violence. Turn to the cops.

    “Starting tonight, you’re going to see a combination of things happening,” de Blasio said. “Increased NYPD presence at hotspots, at key locations; more patrol officers on foot, in vehicles.”

    The mayor said the NYPD would be upping its presence at NYCHA developments too.
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    Seems to me this is no more than the gene pool being flushed and in the end one person will prevail which at that time a sharpshooter should take his ass out. These are not your regular good citizens being targeted, it is the drug street corner POS dope peddler who stepped on the wrong corner. They don't care about children getting in the line of fire which shows they should be taken out any means necessary. If all police are soon gone then it will be on the good citizen to do a mass extermination of these worthless gutless thugs. Now that's only what I think
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